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one who grabs asses on a sem-regular basis.
girl: hey! he just grabbed my ass!

guy: it's ok, he's just grabby
by Sierra Mitsubishi March 16, 2011
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to arouse sexually, having sex with a person.
I'm horny and I really want to grabby.
by Jeri Da Don June 01, 2011
clothing that pulls, binds, or constricts in one or more spots because you are a fat slob (me!)
i was going to wear my mcfoolsley's tavern 't' shirt but i've had too many shit-sandwiches and beer, and its' gotten too grabby!

bought a swingin' 't' shirt, but it was cut too grabby in the neck!!

got to jettison some weight! half my 'doo-doo' has gotten too grabby!!!
by michael foolsley April 03, 2010

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