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To simultaneously poop and masturbate. My friend Daniel, who is undoubtedly a chronic poopsterbater, coined this phrase.
I heard Mark poopsterbating on the toilet last night.

Andy enjoys to poopsterbate.

"Want to watch me poosterbate?" Stephen asked.
by ShawnB April 30, 2005
2277 776
Invented in the year 10,567 BC by a scribe named Rich Siegel, this form of self-amusement has a long storied yet secret history. Sort of like the Masons and their lore, but people don't talk about it as much. From ancient times, people have been sexually aroused by their own poop and pleasured themselves in various ways while pooping, to further enhance the experience.
"I'm sorry I'm late," said Rich. "I had to poopsterbate in the bathroom again."
by happy bun bun May 14, 2014
38 52
To simultaneously poop and masturbate.
by tidge March 03, 2014
58 107