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Abbreviation for baby. Is it really so hard to type one extra letter?
"Soooo i wuz talkin 2 mi bby last nite..."

"I was talking with my baby last night."
by xxyuli April 25, 2007
i love my bbyboy
by DEL1R1OUZ October 31, 2003
An abbreviation of the word babys which is the misspelled version of babies and is used by scene kids who don't care about spelling or grammar, and the fact that we don't care when they post a bulletin about brushing their teeth or going to hang out with "mykulcurbcore" or "amendahxo".
let chat it up bbys.
cmnt my pics!
by Alicia Michele March 17, 2007
Abbreviated baby, used to denote people you care about deeply. Pronounced "bibby."
Hey Joanne, where are the bbys? We're about to be late for our reservation.
Danielle said that they're on their way.
by definitionater May 27, 2015
Abbreviation for the city of Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

Also referred to as B-Town (for the bus support).

Keith lives in spirit.
Souroush: What does BBY stand for?

BBY resident: What does BBY stand for??? Burnaby. Recognize.
by CP3 2.0 November 04, 2011
Bye Bye or Baby

My cousin had a BBY boy
by ThinGirl94 May 06, 2009
lazy way to write the name of Best Buy. Also, Best Buy's NYSE symbol.
I'm going to BBY to get some DVDs.
by WhiplashChick March 14, 2006

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