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Noun: A slang term used by corporate america to refer to a note taker aka punk-ass bitch. This term is often used to dupe an unsuspecting victim into a task which is incredibly boring and could be completed by a tape recorder and a secretary. Typically used by upper management right before meetings to people in lower ranks.
"Hey Johnny, do you want to come to our quarterly sales meeting tomorrow?"

- "Gee, oh really? I'd LOVE to"

"Great, bring a pen and paper, we could really use you as a scribe."

- "Man, fuck you, I ain't no goddamn bitch-ass note taker"
by FUCKERNST&YOUNG April 20, 2010
Scribe is New Zealand's first mainstream hip hop artist. Hes got good rhymes, tight hooks, n great flow. His album is The Crusader, his DJ is P-Money.
Elly: Hey, who sings that not many song?
Kath: Scibe man, hes great!
by lilpill March 19, 2005
Verb. To use a sharp or pointed object to scrawl ones name on a surface in graffiti. Usually glass, plastic, or metal.
Other forms of graffiti include: stickerbombing, tagging, throw-ups, pieces, bombs, burners, blockbusters,stenciling, wheatpasteing, fill-ins, throwies, etc.
I'm gonna go scribe up some windows real quick, I'll be right back.
by SpoR June 25, 2007
In the governments of many ancient societies, a professional position reserved for men who had undergone the lengthy training required to be able to read and write using cuneiform, hieroglyphics, or other early, cumbersome writing systems.
Male domination of the position of scribe—an administration or scholar charged by the temple or palace with reading and writing tasks—further complicates efforts to reconstruct the lives of women.
by HistoryNerd94 December 20, 2010
A term commonly used by prison inmates to describe a small piece of paper containing notes relating to inmate nicknames, gang members, gang activity, hits, or other notable pieces of information.
Inmate: "Yo, pass me the scribe."
Guard: "Fo' sho. Don't tell the warden about this."
by BWallensteinNJ December 13, 2007
-a person whose entire miserable existence has been reduced to academic grunge and pain, yet remains complacent

-an expression used to convey the feeling of insanity brought about by working too hard for too long in an acadmic context (pronounced with emphasis on the 'i,' preferably with really wide eyes and a maniacal grin), or used just for fun, also sometimes used as a greeting
(also "scribezor")

-to perform tedious or difficult academic work
syn: to troll

verb, transitive
-to break a person's soul through tedious or difficult academic work
"That Ph2A final exam scribed me..."
syn: to ass-rape

-tedious, difficult, soul-breaking, useless

(Origin: 2003, California Institute of Technology)
n. "Techers are scribes"
int. "SCRIBE!"
v. "I was scribing away at that ACM95 set last night..." "That Ph2A final exam scribed me..."
adj. "that was a scribal problem set"
by scribahol January 23, 2007
Racial Slur for those of romanian descent
"Look at that filthy scribe Vlad walk down the street, why i oughtha throw a bottle at him"
by OCTAVOPOLIS March 15, 2007
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