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A frozen turd treat similar to a popcicle but this one is enjoyed by copraphiliacs and scat lovers.
The heroin addicted scat film starlet seducively licked the quickly melting poopcicle.
by Islams defeat June 24, 2006
A fragment of fecal matter that has surpassed the anus, but failed to unfasten.
Dude, that was such a viscous poopcicle. It just wouldn't let go.
by DrHuus May 11, 2014
When you put a lump of feces in an ice cube tray, place plastic wrap over the top, stick a toothpick through the center, and freeze. POOPCICLE!
Damn, now that's a tasty poopcicle.
by poopman October 22, 2004
When your dog, cat etc. goes poop outside in the winter and it freezes. The animal then goes outside later on and eats the poopcicle.
"Roscoe eats poopcicles!"
by georgal May 31, 2005
a penis that has poop on it when it is pulled out of an anus; the poopy penis resembles a chocolate popcicle
After I pulled out and found that I had a poopcicle, I questioned whether I would ever give anal sex again!
by Maude & Naomi April 23, 2004
A frozen poo, sometimes with a stick.
Don't eat poopcicle's, use them as a dildo.
by Lynette Archer January 22, 2007

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