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Poopy kids in princeton high school
I saw a poopybuttsjoe in the hall of phs
by POOPMAN August 25, 2004
1. a male who gets perms and claims he doesn't.

2. Someone who writes bad books and loses money on his ventures into the wild.
Permboy is not cool!
by Poopman April 13, 2004
When you put a lump of feces in an ice cube tray, place plastic wrap over the top, stick a toothpick through the center, and freeze. POOPCICLE!
Damn, now that's a tasty poopcicle.
by poopman October 22, 2004
Someone who does'nt get the point.
03:02 <Kalicia> comm
03:02 <Kalicia> I dont care what he says.
03:02 <Kalicia> I really dont
03:02 <Kalicia> I care about the people who I talk to all the time sideing with him.
03:02 (comm) then get new friends
03:03 <Kalicia> See, if this was you, you'd be doing something about it.
03:03 (comm) are we souposse to make people like you?
03:03 (comm) not really
03:03 <Kalicia> No
03:03 (comm) i dont hang out were im not wanted
by poopman September 22, 2003
a man with big tits
your mom
by poopman November 05, 2003

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