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1) A small star.

2) A young aspiring moive star.
The astronomer saw a starlet that no others could see without a telescope.

Many celebrities are refered to as "starlets."
by Star February 19, 2005
noun :

A young (film) actress who is publicized as a future star.

This label has naught to do with talent, but rather level of publicity or Hollywood "buzz" this young female celebrity generates.

Also, more often than naught, performances by a starlet are painful to watch on screen.
Due to the starlet's outrageous beauty and a marketing onslaught bordering on mind-control propaganda, men everywhere now want the teen queen. (credit: Gregory Weinkauf)
by Maritess May 07, 2006

A Starlet is a gorgeous sexy woman who has an uproar of a personality. She loves to be in front of people, and definetley is good in front of people. A starlet could also be defined as a young prodigy and a young aspiring role model.
She became a starlet with her gorgeous looks and amazing talent.
by anonymousperson919 June 16, 2014