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Either comes from 'prisoner of mother England' or pomigranite - a reddish coloured fruit that native Australians (Aboriginals) thought had a similar colour to the skin of sunburnt Brits.
Not meant to be an insult (as some English think for some reason), merely a nickname for our less-tanned former rulers. Nicknaming everything is very Australian.
Pom: 'Oi, convict, get your shit stars off our flag!'
Aussie: Fuck off pom, get your shit cricketers off our cricket ovals and give us our fucking ashes - they've been ours since 1989!'
by Beer bong September 13, 2004
A British person - or close equivalent to the species. Specialise in inventing sports and timing themselves on how long it takes before all of their former colonies can defeat them at it. Spelt P-O-M: the "Prisoner of Her Majesty" explanation is an urban legend, as is "Prisoner of Mother England", the other version of this common myth.
"Poor sad Pom - he never really got over the Ashes"
by Matt_TY November 15, 2003
A nickname for Someone who is English, coming from "prisoner of her majesty"
Hey pom, Australia has the Ashes back.
by -------------------- December 27, 2006
A word that looks like "porn" when read fast. The subject of many top-rated comments on youtube.
That guy says he watches porn! Oh wait, he said he watches pom.
by porn addiction January 01, 2012
The best guess at this time is that "pommy" was based on the word "pomegranate" -- either because the redness of the fruit supposedly matched the typically florid British complexion, or because (like "Johnny Grant" - Jimmy Grant, surely?) it was used as rhyming slang for "immigrant."

I'd like to welcome the pommy bastard to God's own earth.

-- Monty Python
by Grant Cribb December 29, 2003
Pom: Prisoner Of Mother England, or alternatively, Prisoner Of her Majesty.

Suggestions that Pom comes from 'pomegranate' type references to sunburn are erroneous.

Used to refer to natives of England, or the United Kingdom more widely.

Sometimes used in a derogative manner; usually used as a term of endearment.
Australian 1- "Bloody hell cobber, looks like the poms have got the ashes for good now mate.'

Australian 2 - "Crikey! Too right, the poms are better than us at rugby as well!"

Australian 1 - "Strewth!"
by Wooster1 November 16, 2013
Post Orgasm Munchies - The hunger that inevitably follows sex
Guy: "That was amazing..."
Girl: "I want cheesecake now... all those orgasms led to some major P.O.M."
by HungryKitty June 13, 2011
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