Parents Over My Shoulder
look it up
urban dictionary: "piss on myself"
google: "Production and Operations Management Society"
or parents over my shoulder
by singasong September 27, 2009
Australian insult for an Englishman.
Came from the beginning of the country, when the Englishmen got very badly sunburnt whilst sunbathing, turning their skin a similar colour of a Pomegranite, an exotic red fruit.
The Poms are crap at cricket.
by Da Beast March 25, 2003
A type of drink that's curvy. Used to describe a girl that has curves in all the right places. Also doubles as a code for the girl a guy likes.
Who's your pom?

Dude I think Sarah is Stuarts pom
by Laportapotty January 13, 2016
Dutch slang for cash. Derived from the Dutch word 'pomp' (which means 'pump') which is sometimes used as a metaphor for cash flow.
The word pom is commonly used by bums and trailer trash in the southern part of the Netherlands.
Guy 1: Hey bro, you got some pom on you?

Guy 2: Sorry dude, just spent it all on some kush.
by SpaceKing January 07, 2014
Hot girls (generally high schoolers) who have a shit ton of school spirit and are amazing dancers and use pom pons (poms) to make their half time dances even cooler. They also wear cute uniforms.

*poms have much more talent
GUY: "Look at those sexy poms shakin' it!"

OTHER GUY: "Yeah I'd like to see them without those uniforms on!"
by ooh ooh baby August 01, 2008
Parent. Over. My. Shoulder
Guy:so u ditching skool 2 day?
guy#2: hey p.o.m.s
Guy: so hows your report???=D
by Steven Vazquez June 17, 2008
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