What boring Aussie gits call their superior counterparts, the English.
The poms are gonna win the World Cup on Saturday
by Dan November 20, 2003
A cult from FHS made up of girls, who are also the hish school poms.
my god, the poms are at it again.
by Freeland Junkie November 08, 2004
pom stands for Perverted Old Man. Usually a man over the age of 40 who likes to stare at girls under the age of 18.
Two 14 year old girls standing in their front yard. An older man jogs by and stares at one of the girls boobs. This would be a moment for the young girls to either shout or whisper pom.
by pld26 September 01, 2007
English person, stands for "Prisnor Of Mother land" meaning prisnor of England, the slang first started when the first ships of prisnors from Britan were brought over to Australia. Only realy used in Australia.
I'm half pom, but I was born in Australia
by GaWj AuZzii/PoM November 12, 2005
Derogatory slang for an English person living in England. The word comes from the acronym P.O.M.E., which stands for Prisoner of Mother England, originating from Australia and New Zealand, both being English colonies. The word is actively used by most of the Australian and New Zealand public, which contradicts what most arrogant Australians claim - that it is their word. But then, the thiefs stole 'Digger' as well from the Kiwis, though most would swear the opposite.
"Hey, there's that stupid Pom on the telly!"
by Victoria Trow June 10, 2007
High School sluts who hate everyone and get annoyed at everything. They are commonly found with their long-time boyfriends making out anywhere they can, and wear the most revealing of clothing. Also, they are the dumbest of blondes.
Look at those Poms pinned up against the wall swapping spit- did you see them earlier? Their shirts almost fell off when they were dancing!
by The Anti-pom December 03, 2010
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