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1. A highly contagious disease, but a vaccine was created to stop it.
2. Someone who is useless to humanity.
3. A bad substitute for the word "cool".
1. Polio vaccines were created in 1955.
2. "That guy is such a polio."
3. "That car is so polio!"
by JeniBlack March 30, 2010
A synonym for something being 'cool' or 'alright'. It is frequently used in southern England to show other people that you are calm and that you have understood what they said. Most commonly used in practice with the word 'okay' or 'alright' in front of it.
1: Hey man, I'm off to Chicago
2: Okay, polio, take care

1: Drop the gun!

2: Alright, polio, relax!
by The Bear of England March 13, 2011
Very strong marijuana or the state of being highly intoxicated from marijuana.
Dude, let's fire up the polio.

(Observing someone who is very obviously stoned out of his mind) He's got the polio.

I'm totally polio'd now man. I'm gonna go crash.
by RickySunnyvale420 January 30, 2011
adj; normally used in place of words that are supposed to mean "cool," such as "mean," or "bad"; the "worst" form of "cool" you can be. I mean, what's worse than polio?
"DUDE, that car is MEAN."

"No way, that car is so POLIO."
by flamingos January 30, 2009
Someone completely useless to all human society.
A sped, spaz or retard.
"Lets get together after school and watch the polios attempt to swim! And fail, of course."
"John told us he was eating lunch, but when we looked he was eating his shirt. What a polio, lets discontinue our friendship with him."
by fitz much? February 25, 2008
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