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Their lives are a game.. and they are the main players. Object of the game: to sleep with the most women possible.

The players usually have little concept of anyones feelings other than their own, They do not believe that women have any value whatsoever, and they will say absolutely anything to get laid.
player #1 : what u do lastnight?
player #2 : got laid, you?
player #1 : yeah me too.
player #2 : wanna get pizza?
by Shaynerr May 22, 2006
A Male or Female (usually descibed as a male) who has relations with more than one person at a time.
A male that has two Girlfriends.
A male that plays the game.
Tim is a player he played Joti, Michelle, and Jenny.
by Romeo17 December 21, 2005
A male who is skilled at manipulating "playing" others, especially good at seducing women by pretending to care about them, when in reality they are only interested in sex.
"sean ross" is a player
by 123-abc October 07, 2008
-a guy who doesn't have any balls to be in a real relationship
-really good at flirting and being a smart-ass
-will treat you like your the most amazing female on earth, and then will dump you
-will want to make out with you whenever possible
-a stuck-up son-of-a-bitch
-won't introduce you to his parents
-will want to keep your "relationship" a secret, for some stupid, made-up reason
-will call you pet names, such as 'gorgeous' or 'baby'.
player: "my parents don't want me to have a girlfriend right now, so let's just keep it a secret."
by lovelyangel August 28, 2009
hmm lets see, player, someone who cheats on girls, mistreats women, sounds like the type of guy who would be bagging my groceries

t(-_-)t snizzle that
god i hate people
by not a hoe September 15, 2003
luis. a self centered person who has no heart that would tell a girl he loves her but just lies and goes out with another girl right after that. a person who tries to get more than 1 girl at a time.
Luis is a wannabe player.
by JODEE March 21, 2005
A guy that pretends to like a girl for some action, and then once he gets the girl to like him he ignores her now that he got what he wants. A player is also a guy that is an ignorant asshole!
"omg Andy N is such a player, he wanted to hookup with me and once we did he just stopped talking to me and moved on to the next girl!"
by abcaaabbbccc April 06, 2008