Person who goes out with girls he doesn't like, then brags about them to other girls he probably doesn't like, just in order to finally use his experience on the girls he does like.
_______is such a player. He wants to go out with __________ but he thinks he can impress her with all the GFs he has had. She, however, thinks he is stupid to fake relationships with multiple girls
by dontaskme2000 April 05, 2003
A male who seduces women by pretending he is a sweet caring and charming gentleman then once he has them under his control he rolls onto the next woman and does the same to her but no matter how much he hurts his women they still seem to cling onto him and let him play them
"That guys got like 5 girlfriends man what a player"

"Yeah he is a player he made out that he really liked Cindy and they where going somehwere together until Cindy found out he was also seeing Jenny he such a player that prick"

"That guys so hot pity he's a player"
by Harry69 October 28, 2009
A true player is one who recieves gifts from women. who womanizes and gets whatever he may want from the woman.
a player talking to an old woman spitting game and dancing with her in attempt to recieve all of her assets financially.
by Clinton Ziza Smith April 27, 2006
Somebody involved in several simultaneous relationships.
The player went out with Mindy last night, but tonight he is going out with Clarissa.
by Ainolketta March 12, 2005
a womanizer(see also play)
That guy is such a player. He asked my sister out, even though a bunch of other girls had already decided to go out with him.
by Light Joker November 24, 2004
1.) Someone who feels he needs to have sex with as many girls as possible to gain respect amongst his peers.

2.) Someone who views women as sex objects and uses them for his own sexual pleasure.
I had sex with 20 random girls yesterday, I am a player.
by JHHWILD April 04, 2004
A player has many girls, and if he is 'playing' them properly none of them know about any of the other girls.
Shit ©™ has loads of girls. That guy is a player.
by ©™ October 15, 2003
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