A guy who pretends to care what comes out of your mouth, but really only cares about what goes into it.
Wow, I thought that guy was my true love, but after we had se x he left me...what a player.
by Allahcide January 12, 2010
A guy that is easiest to fall for, hardest to forget.
I fell in love with a player, he broke my heart... but yet, I still can't forget him.
by Lisha and Beka January 29, 2008
Male form of "complete slut"
He slept with her and he doesn't even like her? What a player
by 'buki April 05, 2004
A male who is so skilled at manipulating women that he can "play" all of them at once by having strictly sexual relationships with all of them at once because they are so taken by him. A real player has many girls that he can call at anytime and have sexual intercourse with or accompany him to wherever he wishes. A real player's many women also are aware of the other women but are so into him that they do not care and/or it makes them want him more, to be the only one for him.
damn, that guy just stole the other guys girlfreind and now she's walkin off with him and leaving the boyfreind in the dust!! and that was only after he talked to her for five minutes while the boyfreind went to get drinks!! that guy is forshiiiiiiiiizzzzzle a player.
by george tedbetter September 23, 2006
N. Plural form of the word player. See also playa.
1. A group of people, usually guys, who "play" or manipulate others to ultimately get what they want, like sex or money, by using charm, game, and a often, a lot of lies. Usually, they act cool, cocky and think they're "all that" -- God's gift to the earth. However, underneath the game of all players, you will find an insecure person who depends on his player image to build his ego and make himself and others think he's the shit. Players need to feel worshipped. Male players usually call their women some term that reduces them to sex objects, like baby doll.
Watch out for those players who are on those dating websites. They pose like they're the shit and that anyone would be lucky to date them. They're not all that, those damn players! Let's play those players, girlfriends!
by sweetgirl29 February 19, 2008
-a guy who doesn't have any balls to be in a real relationship
-really good at flirting and being a smart-ass
-will treat you like your the most amazing female on earth, and then will dump you
-will want to make out with you whenever possible
-a stuck-up son-of-a-bitch
-won't introduce you to his parents
-will want to keep your "relationship" a secret, for some stupid, made-up reason
-will call you pet names, such as 'gorgeous' or 'baby'.
player: "my parents don't want me to have a girlfriend right now, so let's just keep it a secret."
by lovelyangel August 28, 2009
a guy who dates multiple women without sustaining meaningful relationships with them
Joe Jonas is a huge player, what a dick!
by 1gurl2gurl May 15, 2010

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