One who utilizes game to his advantage to be able to date or fuck multiple women at once without being caught by the other women or having enough game that the other women end up not caring any way.
"ObliQ is fucking Chandra and Aquanetta, and they're both fine as hell! He is a player for real!"
by ObliQ August 27, 2005
n type of male (generally) who starts out using a devilish charm on a female of their chosing. They then act caring yet eventually create other romantic involvements with other females. They typically lie quite often, not only about their other relationships, but about themselves, their daily lives, and false promises. The male will try to manage the several relationships but is basically only it them to get some sort of sexual pleasure. It is natural for the male to insult or criticize. Their behavior can be linked to their actual love for one that does not love them equally. The said male also often has his known bad reputation to fit his personality.
David was so sweet, and said the sweetest things. Then I heard horrible rumors about him. I tried confronting him and he just criticized me! Then, Jenny told me he was all over another girl at a party! I can't believe he turned out to be such a player!
#playa #man whore #male skank #asshole #complete slut
by Wonder Twin #2 February 26, 2006
A serial dater, someone who pursues a number of different social and sexual partners simultaniously.
Be careful, John is a legendary player, I saw him with three different women last month.
by Keefer Lucas February 01, 2005
a heartless human being usually male that takes joy in moving from one girl to the next either sexually or dating and does so in such a manner that they break and rebreak multiple victims hearts, players can be easy to spot or hard to spot easy to spot players usually bost and for unknown reasons are still able to attain victims hidden players are vile disgusting people who will pretend to be sweet, nice, loving, caring, compassionate but dont mean it and when their true form as a player is discovered its usually too late for the victim leaving them in turmoil, heartbreak, an emotional trainwreck
i cant believe players can be so notorious yet still continue to thrive
#hated #player hater #vile #disgusting #heartless
by -unknown munky- August 23, 2011
a bad reputation to have when trying to find a long lasting girlfriend or wife. even if the girl knows nothing of u somehow she meets someone u had a relationship with and ur fucked. being a player is very lonely.
potentialwife: i just met a really cool guy last nite
girl2: awwww...wats his name?
potentialwife: danny ****
girl2: man whore
potentialwife: u kno him?
girl2: hes a player and i was with him
random girl walking by: yea hes a man whore
potentialwife: u've been with him 2?
random girl walking by: yea

2 hours later...

girl: u man whore
me: that was weeks ago ive changed
girl: ppl don't change only the weather bye!!
me: damn, no wedding 4 me
#playa #sex #pimp #male #game #life #emo
by Danny **** July 22, 2007
a selfish bastard who only goes out with a bunch of girls for sex and uses them
My boyfriend max Quinn is a player but is still super hot
by Pegusus March 01, 2005
1. a guy who goes from girl to another on the same day in plain view of the other girl.
2. a selfish arrogant person who thinks everyone loves him and that he can get anyone he wants.
3. someone who likes more than 1 girl at a time and is emotionally challenged.
an example of a player is perry
#annoyed #used #angry #amused #disgusted
by cera and ducky October 15, 2005
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