A dangerous game where the woman usually comes out of it hurt because they fall in love
by Anonymous September 14, 2003
A guy that pretends to like a girl for some action, and then once he gets the girl to like him he ignores her now that he got what he wants. A player is also a guy that is an ignorant asshole!
"omg Andy N is such a player, he wanted to hookup with me and once we did he just stopped talking to me and moved on to the next girl!"
by abcaaabbbccc April 06, 2008
men who get with multiple women for the sole purpose of sex.
They often pretend to care about the girl and feel no shame when they take someone's heart and just shatter it.
"Players only love you when they're playing games"
by Eezy breezy April 25, 2008
Defintion Of a Player:
A) P.ursuing L.ifes's A.dvantages Y.ou E.liminate R.isk
B) Someone who views others as sex objects and commonly use them for their own benefits.
C) Player's have established a common knowledge in personality triats in relations that demonstrate manipulation knowledge and experience.
D) A person who lives life as a game hence "Player".
E) A person who shows a definitition of social inadaqucy in relationships commonly due to a precursor of negative childhood manifestations.
F) The most common "Go-getter" found in business who have good disapline and neglect common morality and/or relationship etiquette.
ex.Player - A person who chooses not to respect/uphold another persons beliefs, feelings or emotions and seek for their own benifit.

Think up your own Damn example.

by Odieodilla April 21, 2008
Gerneral term for any guy that thinks he's the shit, but really isn't. Will typically date sweet, beautiful, nice girls, then break up with them in dumb ways for dumb reasons. A player will ususally do such things as using crummy lines to try and get in a girls pants, tell a girl he's in love with her only two weeks after they started dating. Also may ask questions such as "How do you feel about making out" two minutes before breaking up with a girl via text message. After breaking up with the said ah-mazing girl, he will proceed to strut around the school like some kind of "womenizer" completely unaware of the fact that, in reality, everyone hates them.

In the end, the player must be played. Please see, "Dupe"
Ahmazing girl number one: Omgg, I just got played by this total player, but no worries, he'll get his.
Ahmazing girl number two: How? What are you gonna do?
Ahmazing girl number one: I'm planning a major dupe. It's time to play the player.
by Kristal Conrad #2 March 31, 2009
A guy or girl who dates many people either at the same time or in a row dumping them periotically and dating someone else within a day or two. The person would be getting a lot of Game.
Hayden is such a player, he dated Aubrey then dumped her three weeks later for Kassie, then he broke up with her for you. Uou guys won't last a week. Said Jessica's concerned friend.
by Playersgirl(Hayden)2 May 24, 2007
Person who goes out with girls he doesn't like, then brags about them to other girls he probably doesn't like, just in order to finally use his experience on the girls he does like.
_______is such a player. He wants to go out with __________ but he thinks he can impress her with all the GFs he has had. She, however, thinks he is stupid to fake relationships with multiple girls
by dontaskme2000 April 05, 2003

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