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a small amount of weed to be smoked from bong or peice, usually only enough for a good-sized hit.
if i split this bowl in half, ill have enough for like 3 snaps.
by george tedbetter October 02, 2006
A male who is so skilled at manipulating women that he can "play" all of them at once by having strictly sexual relationships with all of them at once because they are so taken by him. A real player has many girls that he can call at anytime and have sexual intercourse with or accompany him to wherever he wishes. A real player's many women also are aware of the other women but are so into him that they do not care and/or it makes them want him more, to be the only one for him.
damn, that guy just stole the other guys girlfreind and now she's walkin off with him and leaving the boyfreind in the dust!! and that was only after he talked to her for five minutes while the boyfreind went to get drinks!! that guy is forshiiiiiiiiizzzzzle a player.
by george tedbetter September 23, 2006
something very funny
that guy just magurted too much beer and fell over with a dopey grin on his face. it was pretty ha ha.
by george tedbetter September 23, 2006
surfing really well
dude did you yousee that guy ripping?? he just magurted a 360 air, then came down by landing on the face and stalled for the deepest, sickest barrel I have ever seen!!! INSAAAANE BRAH BRAH.
by george tedbetter September 21, 2006
an extreme of something, can be used as an adjective.
That fool is dumbass high

There were dumbass RDB' s at that party last night.
by george tedbetter July 23, 2006
the lubricant that forms around your ball sac when the temperature becomes too hot.
The crotch grease is building up around me so much you would think we were in an autoshop.
by george tedbetter July 23, 2006
An exclamation used instead of saying "what the hell." When one is either amazed, shocked, or confused, one can employ the use of "shwen."
Person 1: That guy died from drinking too much water.
Person2: Shwen!!!

Person 1: That hot girl is magurting you, you should go talk to her.
person 2: Shwen! maybe I will...
by george tedbetter July 23, 2006
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