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NOUN: 1. The penis of an animal, especially a bull. 2. A whip made from a bull's penis
Damn yo! That nizzle Bebe has a small ass pizzle. What a damn shame!
by DJKron007 December 06, 2005
slang for a pipe, generaly of the type used to smoke the herbage.
yo pass the pizzle my nizzle!
by The Grench February 21, 2008
A dirty meth pipe that is owned by your neighborhood homeless person usally is contaminated with herpes or other diseases.
"I saw Jeff the neighborhood bum hitting the pizzle behind the dumpster in the shopping plaza"
by aaahhyeeeeaCA March 07, 2014
The urethra from a bull's penis dried and used as a dog treat
I gave my dog the thing out of the bull's cack and it ate it
by Sketchy White Guy May 04, 2003
The reproductive organ of a Bull that is manufactured into a whip.
Feel my Pizzle bench boy.

I got some pizzle for your loud mouth.

Crack that pizzle.

My pizzle’s got you by your nizzle chicken. How bout them PLT’s You can’t handle this pizzle girly man.
by GKPizzle*** April 26, 2010
A slang word for Pop, soda, cola, and any other fizzy drink of the sort.
"Hey Emily, do you want me to go get you a pizzle from WalMart?"
by Pizzle Princess June 05, 2009
any device used to smoke any drug

root word: piece
Yo I got a new pizzle today lets break it in.
by Sean December 15, 2004