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Of or pertaining to pills or rolls.
Can I have a pill my nigger.
"Lemme get a pizzle nizzle"
by Spreg spreggin March 18, 2004
Low grade, inferior marijuana cigarette that won't stay lit.
Man this pizzle really sucks..yunno?
by Piloto November 24, 2003
An iPod, which is a device for playing music.
Yo, did you bring your pizzle with you?
by Tim Hawes April 16, 2006
chis lane's dick!
christened by izzy n polly!
polly, pizzle is so smooth! do u shave it?
by fred April 04, 2005
another way of saying PEACE or BYE.
"I'll see you tomorrow!" "Ight, pizzle."
by Lauruuhhnn August 25, 2004
Another way to say piss, the ganster way to say piss.
I have to take a pizzle fo shizzle dizzle
by blank February 21, 2004
noun fantastic
Used to denote acceptance or agreement as in the phrase 'that is the pizzle', or 'you're the pizzle baby'.
by james July 29, 2003