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To urinate in the gangsta style.

Warning: Cannot be white to perform action.
Oh Shizzle, I need to pizzle.
by Chani October 14, 2003
abother word for people or somethin that starts with a "p"
all my people
all my pizzles
by the big D dizzle December 31, 2002
Slang word for a pistol. Used my gamers on xbox live.
"Next match is a pizzle only match."
by dailythread May 17, 2006
Pimp, to be pimped out
Where'd that dude go?

The pizzle is in the hizzle.
by Andrea April 21, 2005
Gangster's peeing everywhere
"Yo son, ima bout to pizzle in yo eyes, and my pizzle is purpizzle and tyedye dizzle pizzle fo' shizzle!!"
by TISPE November 18, 2004
the way the cool kids say "peace" ;)
"aight, dawg. pizzle!"
by Mollaayy August 28, 2004
A bad pizza . . . one that springs something on you unexpectedly like an unusual ingredient . . maybe bull's penis but more often something you don't like. . . .
"Aaaargh! It's got pickles! I didn't order pickles! What a pizzle!"
by Sieffe July 09, 2004