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A person of extraordinary beauty. Used as a code word for a beautiful male or female. shortened 'oh my golly shes hot' to 'polly'.
Hi nice to meet you, you are polly.
Did you see that polly?
That girl is polly
by Luke Bnejamin October 25, 2006
(verb) To repeat what someone else says verbatim, as if one were a parrot. Coined from the common pirate name of parrots, Polly
Dude, I'm just pollying what Andrew said. Don't shoot the messenger!
by lolmaster777 October 04, 2010
a fun-loving,somewhat short,sweet chick.She's super matchy with her clothing.She always smiles.She cares for people.=]She can be randomly hil-jarious.hehe.that's polly
o0h super cute clothes,hecka polly.=]
by jizmackyfrin February 02, 2008
polly is the common name for a parrot
come here polly!
polly parrot
polly the parrot
polly made a poo
this is a dead parrot "hello polly, wakey wakey"
by Matthew Bratt April 20, 2006
A polly is just the worst person, people hate her and she wears make up because she thinks she's better than everyone else and if you're a polly then you burp like a man
A girl looks in the mirror and says to herself "wow I'm amazing" then burps

Mum walks in and witnesses this and says "oh shit I've brought up my girl to be a polly"
by Alrightyeah December 01, 2013
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