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Pizowned: (v) 1. To be beaten to the worst degree possible
2. To spill pizza on oneself
Is that pizza sauce on your shirt? Cuz you just got PIZOWNED!
by Vertigo May 23, 2004
v. Verb: To Pizowned, to be Pizowned, also: to be pizowned in the hizzy.
1) To be owned, but worse, and to the point of almost suicide as you are shuned by your many friends and feel worthless like the nub you are. kthx
j00 nubs got pizowned in the hizzzzzyyy !!!!!!!11
by Kage (Shadow) October 12, 2003
To not only get pwned but to get powned so badly it makes you want to kill youself and hide forever
OMFG i just got pizowned hardcore
by Justin April 21, 2004
A gay expression used by internet gamers who have never had a girlfriend. Known as 'homosexuals' in the common tongue.
Nerd: I totally pizOwned that nub.

Dude: Yeah you're a fuckwad mate.
by PhilSussex November 12, 2007
Owned. Powned. something you say to a nub after taking him out
you got pizowned with a glock! ioi!! nuuuuub
by illumina May 07, 2003
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