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breath of the dying

diablo ii:lord of destruction runeword

vex hel el eld zod eth
6 socket melee weapons
lol a non eth botd? ill give u an soj for it
by daryl November 18, 2004
An acronym that stands for "Benefit of the Doubt".
Child- I'm telling you, I didn't do it!

Father- How can you expect me to believe you when there were al least seventeen witnesses!?

Child- Can't you give me the BOTD?
by Ph0' SHO March 26, 2005
Blow. out. that. dro. smoke.
Dyke T. are you down to BOTDS.
by trevor white October 24, 2007
Bullshit Of The Day
"I will run a regression model to understand the different factors that.." - BOTD
by Brahminboy April 07, 2015
A BOTD is the bitch of the day.
With her behavior she qualified as the BOTD.
by leprovokateur February 25, 2012
Commonly mistaken as "benefit of the doubt", when correctly used it means "Big ol' thick dick".
Guy 1 "You gonna give her the B.O.T.D?"
Guy 2 "Oh, yeah she'll get the 'big ol' thick dick' alright!"
by GlennBOTD July 14, 2010
Bi Orbital Testicular Disease - Testicular disease caused by radiation emmited from gamma rays by the planets Venus & Mars and the debri that travels withing their orbital path.
Ryan suffers from Bi Orbital Testicular Disease. The doctor will be removing his sack on tuesday at 10:00am.
by Assassin March 23, 2004
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