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Own. The leetest way of saying "own", much leeter than the weak "pwn".
Qwned!! ;)
by illumina April 28, 2003
a wordn00b. wordnewb. wordn0b. wordnub.
at least try shooting back next time, you n00blar!!
by illumina April 29, 2003
time for the mother fucking Hizack Attizack
by illumina April 28, 2003
1. Leetest of the Leet.
2. Mad Leet sword.
illumina == qwn
by illumina April 28, 2003
Owned. Powned. something you say to a nub after taking him out
you got pizowned with a glock! ioi!! nuuuuub
by illumina May 07, 2003
you're powned, N00B.
by illumina April 28, 2003
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