Princess In Training-Jewish Princess In Training to be exact. It's what little Jewish girls are before they have their Batmitzvahs and become JAPs. (Jewish American Princess)To be a JAP you have to be 13 or older, to be a PIT you have to be 12 or younger. PITs are in every way the same as JAPs (selfish, spoiled, but in a good way of course) except younger, and not mature.
Dad: Look at my little girl-all grown up-a JAP now
Little girl: But DADDY! What am I if my older sister is a JAP?!
Dad: Your a pit.
by Coolioolio May 31, 2007
the "pits" is having killed all the veins in your arms as a junkie, and having to shoot in the arm pits for a fresh vein. ouch! it's an old underground term.
I can't hit him in the arm a again the tracks aare to thick, looks like it's the pits.
by chris The inspector October 19, 2005
pirate in training
coming fromamity
mrs. habersang is offical p.i.t.
by angel face November 06, 2004
A particularly deep or cavernous tube created by a breaking wave.
The surf was unreal today, bro...I pulled into some sick pits.
by The Colonel July 18, 2003
n. The feeling you get in your stomach when you:

1. drunk dialed/texted an ex or new prospect

2. think about your current debt status (credit cards,
college loans, car payments, mortgage, etc.)

3. forgot to do something really important at work and you know you're going to get in trouble

4. kissed someone else's bf/gf and see them... (and you're not sure if they know yet)

5. didn't study for a test/exam right before you take it

6. got rejected!
"Did you see Mike with his new girlfriend?"
"Yeah... I totally got pit."

"I keep getting pit everytime I think about what I did Saturday night... I was so wasted!"
by Palurena February 01, 2008
check out that pit.
by sky May 08, 2003
army slang: bed
get out your pit and run round the bilding 5 times privit
by jake coles March 16, 2003

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