army slang: bed
get out your pit and run round the bilding 5 times privit
by jake coles March 16, 2003
the combination of pee and shit together.....so when you have to pee and poop at the same time.
Man I really have to pit.
man i just pit my pants.
by rarararahahaha March 07, 2008
An expletive to replace fuck, shit, stinks, or sucks. Stands for Penis Is Too Small.
After whipping out his whopping mini-weiner, Fundo's girlfriend exclaimed, "That pits!!!"
by authOOr July 10, 2006
another word for beastly with a hardcore or badass sense added to it, refrences to a pitbull
man thats pretty pit
by jASSon November 07, 2005
Pedophile in training.
Dude, Danny is such a PIT.
by xmcr234x August 18, 2008
abbreviation for armpit
yo,did you smell that pit?it had a strong woof..
by Thamzozo January 31, 2008
the grave
i am so glad aunt sallert got the pit couse she drank toomuchbeer
by Anonymous October 13, 2003
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