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"Put It There". The indication of your desire to have a particularly fine piece of man meat to "have you" right there, right then.
*indecently attractive person walk by*

by PIT stopper June 03, 2010
Possibly the kewlist character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl,that I pwn 3 lv 9 computers with.
Random Dood:"Dude,Pit sucks."

Me:"You know what,you suck." *Major pwns him/her with Pit.*
by AngelCakeUke October 17, 2008
the frenzied card game in which players blindly trade crops such as wheat, corn, and barley until they have a full suit of 9 cards; players must shout out the number of cards they are willing to trade, i.e. "Two, two! I have two cards!"
Are you prepared to lose to me in another game of pit?
by teacherman82 December 31, 2006
a place to engage in alcoholic activities usually with beer bottles, kegs and a bon fire that puts the oklahoma city bombing to shame.
john lets go get our drink on at the pit party tonight.
by aka:boober October 04, 2005

1. To sweat profusely only while wearing a shirt to the extent that a dark, wet, area is blatantly visual in the underarms.
Geez, Billy, look at your underarms, they're soaked! I can't believe how much you pit, dude.
by Hildreth September 21, 2007
A Scottish Gaelic noun meaning "(a) vulva". This word is an obvious explitive, but is not always used to be insulting.

Also see ròmag, faighean, duille, truiteag, and geobag.
To Ann Coulter "A phit! Mharbhainn tu, a shiùrsaich na Galla!"
("Fuck! I could kill you, you fucking whore!")

Tha Dr. Laura 'na pit na Galla.
(Dr. Laura is a fucking cunt.)
by Lorelili March 18, 2006
Princess In Training-Jewish Princess In Training to be exact. It's what little Jewish girls are before they have their Batmitzvahs and become JAPs. (Jewish American Princess)To be a JAP you have to be 13 or older, to be a PIT you have to be 12 or younger. PITs are in every way the same as JAPs (selfish, spoiled, but in a good way of course) except younger, and not mature.
Dad: Look at my little girl-all grown up-a JAP now
Little girl: But DADDY! What am I if my older sister is a JAP?!
Dad: Your a pit.
by Coolioolio May 31, 2007