a word to describe an individual's anus, implying it resembles a dark hole (Pit).
I stuck two finger's up her pit last night.
#pitt #anus #arsehole #ass #starfish
by Jimmy Laz May 08, 2008
It means ER(Emergency Room).
Having someone down in the pit doing the sutures.
#er #or #icu #pit #ward
by Basket1006 March 09, 2007
A very talented group of percussionists in a marching band who play the auxillary and especially mallet keyboards. Might i add... we kick booty.
Nazareth Area High School Blue eagle marching band's pit percussion is the BEST!
by kreeta March 31, 2004
The part of the marching band that gets the most shit for not marching. Preferably the front ensemble, a group of mallet playing, cymbal hitting, triangle tapping, badass motherfuckers.
Shit, did you see the pit at finals? They were amazing!
Yeah, our pit is awesome.
by ThatButler, Sexy. November 05, 2015
Prostitute In Training. A young woman preparing herself for a life of working the streets by whoring herself out to many men without realizing that she could be making money which dawns on her around the age of 30.
See Sarah she is only 18 and she has had seven boyfriends in the last month and has sex with them all. I can't believe she hasnt realized that she could be making money oh well every whore has to start out as a P.I.T.
#whore #slut #skank #prostitute #a woman of abandon character
by Charles Norris V January 14, 2010
A Scottish Gaelic noun meaning "(a) vulva". This word is an obvious explitive, but is not always used to be insulting.

Also see ròmag, faighean, duille, truiteag, and geobag.
To Ann Coulter "A phit! Mharbhainn tu, a shiùrsaich na Galla!"
("Fuck! I could kill you, you fucking whore!")

Tha Dr. Laura 'na pit na Galla.
(Dr. Laura is a fucking cunt.)
#cunt #ròmag #coño #fotze #kut #pizdá #fitta #figa #ann coulter
by Lorelili March 18, 2006
A police maneuver in which an officer puts the front quarter panel of his crusier next to the back quarter panel of the suspect and pushes aganist it. This causes the suspect to go into an uncontrollable spin.
When the suspect didn't stop, the police used a PIT to stop him
#police #stop #pursuit #crusier #maneuver
by MichaelR June 12, 2006
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