Pipe to be used with many terms.

Pipe also has a scale. From zero to pipe.

"man that chicks issuespipe" (the woman has issues)
"oh that's pipe" (its not very good)
"from the asspipe to the mouthpipe" (inserting the penis in to the anus and re-inserting the penis in to the mouth of a sexual partner"
"that movie was fuckin pipe!" (it gave the viewer of the movie some kid of an issue)
"on a scale from zero to pipe i was a fuckin 11" (really drunk or fucked up on drugs"
by Percy Rickshaw May 31, 2007
smoking device that is no way near as good as a bong but looks pretty at times...
Hey, pass me that pipe!
by savingXmaryXkate March 21, 2005
To swipe or steal something
(usually done very slick like...)
Man Laing is such a slick rick, he piped a Sobey's name tag and they never found out!
by Bent Himself August 06, 2003
The lowest form of loser a human being can possibly be, he/she/it is "that guy" that no one likes because of sheer lameness. Reserved only for the universe's biggest faggots and Canadians. "Getting piped" is when you get fucked over.
Man, that guy Andrew is a pipe. He brought his iPad to prom and did accounting.

Man, that Cokely is such a pipe. He thinks the South should be able to secede from the Union, and cried when he didn't get into the Navy.

That advanced quantum physics test piped me so fucking hard!
by Rocky Falboa September 19, 2011
to pipe is to suck someone's dick, aka giving head
yo, that hot bitch piped me last night after the party.
by capa June 06, 2007
Fucking amazing arm bicepts, word used but most canadians
" dude! you have huge pipes!"
by Loz_von_Banshee April 04, 2007
A term used by people with less intelligence quota than fingers. In its simplest form, it is used to refer to a friend. Often used in modern-day British slang.
Person: "Hey man"
Dumbfuck: "Safe pipe"
by The Doomsayr November 15, 2011

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