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Vocal cords
Man alive, check out the pipes on Damon. He just sung the McDonalds jingle spot-on key!! I'm lovin' it!!
by The_Buddy December 29, 2013
1 0
For two gay men to rub their dicks together during any sort of sexual act.
Me: I met this really nice guy and invited him to my place last night for some coffee.

You: Did you pipe?

Me: No, but we hugged and kissed goodbye.
by Save Ferris March 12, 2010
5 4
smoking device that is no way near as good as a bong but looks pretty at times...
Hey, pass me that pipe!
by savingXmaryXkate March 21, 2005
37 36
To swipe or steal something
(usually done very slick like...)
Man Laing is such a slick rick, he piped a Sobey's name tag and they never found out!
by Bent Himself August 06, 2003
19 18
to pipe is to suck someone's dick, aka giving head
yo, that hot bitch piped me last night after the party.
by capa June 06, 2007
61 61
Fucking amazing arm bicepts, word used but most canadians
" dude! you have huge pipes!"
by Loz_von_Banshee April 04, 2007
29 29
A term used by people with less intelligence quota than fingers. In its simplest form, it is used to refer to a friend. Often used in modern-day British slang.
Person: "Hey man"
Dumbfuck: "Safe pipe"
by The Doomsayr November 15, 2011
0 1