french word for pipe, spells the same
also means a blowjob in france "une pipe"prononces""peep"
1) a genoux salope...fais moi une pipe.

2) pour 20 dollars, je te fais une bonne pipe.
by netlock July 23, 2006
there's many meanings and use's of the word...
1- used 2 smoke crack and other drugs with.
2- used 2 refer to ur dick
3- used to refer to ether fuck or get sucked up
1- i wanna smoke some crack with my pipe
2- i gonna get her 2 suck my pipe
3- i wanna lay the pipe on that hoe and make her scream
by dj mike January 05, 2005
its similar to the saying;
"i'd tap that"

Person 1:Yo i'm about to pipe that.
Person 2:wtf man, thats my sister.

by ohsnapmuffinxo March 25, 2008
To be a failure, loser, washout or all around bitch. Originated in HS wrestling at George Washington HS in Charleston WV for members of the team who quit midseason or sucked, it can also be used in other sports or general life for similar situations.
Little gay Jimmy was to much of a pipe to compete on the wrestling and lacrosse teams, so he joined the basketball and baseball teams to be with his own kind.
by Rick Rolled 123 August 03, 2009
"Pipe" is a word often exclaimed by the character Artie (the self-proclaimed Strongest Man on the World) on the early-to-mid-90's Nickelodeon T.V. show 'The Adventures of Pete & Pete'. Artie says "pipe" when things are going well.
"All is pipe, metallic man!"-Artie, to his nemises: aluminum siding salesman John McPhlemph
by Andy H. May 09, 2005
V. "To Lay Pipe".

From the "Cam'ron" song "Hey Ma", which contains the lyric 'And I know what ladies like.
Need a man that's polite, listens and takes advice - I could be all three, plus I can lay the pipe'

Refers principally to inserting ones pork sword into a lady friend during carnal relations (fucking).Popularised in the North of England by the Pamplesnake and residents of 6 Hessle View, Leeds from September 2006 - June 2007. Other regular users include Nipples, Bear and Jiggs.
To be spoken loudly at not quite shouting volume. The 'I' should be drawn out longer than any other part of the word and always spoken in a deep, loud voice:

"Did you lay pipe?"
"Pipe" (spoken softly to friend in relation to a nearby hotty
by Pamplesnake March 27, 2009
Instruments used when smokin' the herb.
"Dude, I've broken six pipes this year."
by Annie April 01, 2004

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