Otherwise known as P-I-P-E-S, or Penis In Pickled Ecstasy. This is a term widely used in the South Side of Los Altos. It refers to an old man found dead in his home surrounded by jars of Penis' soaking in Ecstasy. They are found to be edible and smokable, but create a very intense high.
Coach-- Kids, you need to do better in soccer, or the Pipes will get you. I want us to be a very good team.

Kids-- Yes coach. We will not dip Pipes in our tea before we eat them.


Faggle-- Shit they found my secret stash of Pipes.

Nip-- Oh shit what are going to do?

Faggle-- Eat em i guess? Or we could smoke them. Either way i have to get the smell of pickled jizz out of my room.
by Fagglenip Pettigrew April 24, 2010
To pour an alcoholic beverage on your penis, and have a girl suck it off, during a blowjob
"Yo man, she piped the shit outta me last night!"

"Dude, she really knows how to pipe!"
by hahailikeyou March 29, 2009
A large poop.
I just laid this huge pipe.
Man, you should have seen the piece of pipe i just laid.
by Luvz2snobd May 24, 2009
Any action or task that is easy. Anything that is a certainty. A shortening of "lead pipe cinch." See also, "cinch."
When asked by the police officer walk a straight line, Darnell said, "That's a pipe!"

by William R. September 17, 2007
The act of singing on a track
Damn white bread, I just got done laying down some phat ass pipes on this new track.
by C-Mack April 14, 2005
1. Another word for a male's sexual organ (see penis, cock, ole johnson, dick, sausage etc)
2. Can be used for transporting water around the country
3. You make smoke from it
"I might just check out that bloke's pipe tonight, kerry"
"Ahhh crap I stubbed my toe on that pipe- it's sticking outta the ground...the council oughta do summit bout THAT!"
by MeezAxx December 03, 2003
a word for dick
shawty we need to hook up cuz u know i can lay tha pipe.
by StEpHaNiE August 06, 2003

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