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to dunk on someone

to fuck a girl
i piped it on this nigga durin my game last nite

i piped ya girl monica..
by Griff July 01, 2004
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'the condition most closely resembling the effects of being roughly struck with a lead pipe'
'Fuck, I'm so piped from that party, but not as piped as that guy who got attacked with a pipe'
by god543210 April 05, 2009
To be realy tired. (Fucked)
Youve been up all Weekend partying and feel Dead
I'm Fuckin Piped (Best said with an Irish Twang)
by Dean Horn October 20, 2006
To be excited about an event.
Howie was piped about the Christian death metal show.
by Kriac December 16, 2003
Some one who is always high to the point they lack good judgement.They may also be delutional and has touble keeping focused.Maybe considered stupid high or burtout.
friend: Dude whats 5x5?
Stoner: 10
Friend: lol.homie what color is the sky?
Stoner: umm is it white?
Friend: Dude your
by Ms Butcher September 09, 2005
"Piped" (adj.)
Is a word to stand as a synonym for such other words like high and stoned. Piped can be used on any level of 'highness' and can also be used to describe other situations.

Dude, we smoked so much, im so piped.


dude, you're piped.
by Derek Appelblatt June 08, 2007
an adjective to describe a rape
"yo.. man.. tony piped your sister in lynns magic truck"

"dude mr. scesa piped me down in the locker room"
by Hannah Feuer & Kim Mas December 19, 2006

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