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Short for piperazines. They are commonly sold as a ecstasy. But any one who has taken ecstasy before isnt fooled as piperazines have no empathetic effects and have a shitty comedown.
My dealer keeps selling me pipes. I dont even think he knows what e is supposed to feel like.
by KandiDrippinBigBloodyAxe July 02, 2011
26 10
"I'm gonna lay some pipe on 'dat bitch."
by x January 22, 2003
37 30
A above-avrage to huge penis. Usually a second or even third word is added. The combination of the different words increase the symbolism of the expression.
Often used combinations:
"steel pipe", "hard pipe", "cum pipe", "fuck pipe", "hard steel pipe",...
I'll fuck you with my hard pipe.

As I watched her finger her wet pussy my dick grew to a hard steel pipe.

That slut deepthroated my cum pipe the other day.

She sucked all the cum out of my pipe.
by Deathless June 19, 2010
6 0
referring to the penis.
Yea nigga i piped her then she got up and cooked for me.
by yung money thieves January 11, 2010
8 2
The lowest form of loser a human being can possibly be, he/she/it is "that guy" that no one likes because of sheer lameness. Reserved only for the universe's biggest faggots and Canadians. "Getting piped" is when you get fucked over.
Man, that guy Andrew is a pipe. He brought his iPad to prom and did accounting.

Man, that Cokely is such a pipe. He thinks the South should be able to secede from the Union, and cried when he didn't get into the Navy.

That advanced quantum physics test piped me so fucking hard!
by Rocky Falboa September 19, 2011
3 1
Pipe to be used with many terms.

Pipe also has a scale. From zero to pipe.

"man that chicks issuespipe" (the woman has issues)
"oh that's pipe" (its not very good)
"from the asspipe to the mouthpipe" (inserting the penis in to the anus and re-inserting the penis in to the mouth of a sexual partner"
"that movie was fuckin pipe!" (it gave the viewer of the movie some kid of an issue)
"on a scale from zero to pipe i was a fuckin 11" (really drunk or fucked up on drugs"
by Percy Rickshaw May 31, 2007
12 10
Big ass thick dick. Wonderful.
Oh my God, he is packing a pipe in his pants. Wow.
by The business January 28, 2014
1 0