when you put someone's hood over their head
*puts someones hood on* haha he's a pipe lol
by ylime94 February 14, 2008
Fucking sweet. Pipe is totally legit, like Slater on Saved by the Bell. It's bona fide like Mike Johnson. Sweet like Yoshi's power slide in Mario Cart. It's rawer than Paris Hilton and realer than Lindsay Lohan.

If you think you know, you have no idea. Pipe is bouncier than Pamela Anderson's boobs on baywatch, its truer than Barry Bonds on steroids, its cool like Vin Diesel in Tokyo Drift but hot like a pound of wasabi in your face.

If you're not pipe, you're nobody.
"Dude, you have a 64" plasma, an infinity pool, and a guitar playing midget!? That's totally pipe!

"That party was pipin', never seen so many hot chicks in my life"

"You met the Dali Llama? That's so pipe!!"

by Hasnain and Brint October 22, 2007
A way to do drugs. Often involving Mary Jane! (marijuana)
"holy shit i got so high i thought i was giving a blowjob to the pipe."

"Its not your fault, it kinda looks like a penis!?!"
by Miss Sucks Alotta Cock April 01, 2007
An insanely attractive woman.
guy#1: "Did you see that pipe standing in line?"

guy#2: "She was more partial pipe than full pipe."

guy#1: "You're gay...she's clearly pipe."
by sexwithdonuts.com August 01, 2010
Otherwise known as P-I-P-E-S, or Penis In Pickled Ecstasy. This is a term widely used in the South Side of Los Altos. It refers to an old man found dead in his home surrounded by jars of Penis' soaking in Ecstasy. They are found to be edible and smokable, but create a very intense high.
Coach-- Kids, you need to do better in soccer, or the Pipes will get you. I want us to be a very good team.

Kids-- Yes coach. We will not dip Pipes in our tea before we eat them.


Faggle-- Shit they found my secret stash of Pipes.

Nip-- Oh shit what are going to do?

Faggle-- Eat em i guess? Or we could smoke them. Either way i have to get the smell of pickled jizz out of my room.
by Fagglenip Pettigrew April 24, 2010
another word refering to a mans dick
Cassidy:"im going to lay the pipe and hit it from the back"(im going to fuck her in the ass with my dick)
by Yung Hood June 18, 2006
A slang word used refering to casually having sex.
Guy: "hey let's pipe"
Girl: "okay!!"

Girl: "omfgg me and joey just piped"

by smurvette January 17, 2006

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