To accidentally type your "password in plaintext" for all to see.
Past Tense - "pipped"
"I was showing my boss my new program when I pipped. Unfortunately, his name is Bob and my password was 'b0bsux'."
by Mike Spille July 16, 2003
Generally an name,

also used as a nick name for annoying, incessantly boring people, who are generally flat chested.

Opinionated, lack self esteem, and like shiny things attached to buildings.
Likes ponies
Is less than generous with swimming pools.
Man, that pip sure is being a pip, what pipping pipster!

if I had a few drinks, and she let me use her pool
then she'd be do-able,

but even then ...

maybe not.

Q: Can I use your pool?

A: hahahahahaha, No.
by Franké January 28, 2013
a pip is a game piece in the game of backgammon
you rolled a double, so move your pips double the times
by dental plan June 21, 2011
Short for 'Pippi Longstocking'. A pip is a rare breed, an attractive redhead that guys can't help but want to stuff like a Christmas goose. Redheads are known to love a good roll in the hay, and many of them are quite freaky. However, do choose wisely as redheads oftain come with a remarkable Irish temper.

Some examples include: Emma Stone Lindsay Lohan (pre rehab) Isla Fisher Julianne Moore (pre menopause) and Jessica Rabbit
Dude 1: Hey man, check out that smokin' hot pip!

Dude 2: Yeah, she is a fox. I can't help but wonder if the carpet matches the drapes...
by IdyllicLyfe January 19, 2011

Made by : Jerme Porter
When someone asks you a question and you dont want to answer it cause your chillin with your girl say pip or let that somone know pip
by Dequon0 June 25, 2010
Poon handling in Play
Did you see the pip in that room that should be illegal.
by iph counselman February 11, 2009
It is the past tense for the verb to "poop."
When I was in the restroom, I pipped and read Tom Cruise's biography at the same time.
by Nicole Belcher May 08, 2008

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