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a pip is a game piece in the game of backgammon
you rolled a double, so move your pips double the times
by dental plan June 21, 2011

Made by : Jerme Porter
When someone asks you a question and you dont want to answer it cause your chillin with your girl say pip or let that somone know pip
by Dequon0 June 25, 2010
Poon handling in Play
Did you see the pip in that room that should be illegal.
by iph counselman February 11, 2009
1. Pretty In Pink - a girl who actually has a sexual fetish for all things pink.

2. Pip - Prettier in Person - someone whose facebook photos led you to believe they were a minger and then when you meet them they are actually hot.
Hey, thats Jan? I thought she was average in her pics but she's actually Pip
by pat80 February 02, 2009
Penis In Pussy

Another term for sexual intercourse.
person:Hey man, are you getting some pip tonight?
friend: Hell yeah son, I'm getting me some mad pip!
by Dunzo&co April 07, 2007
a pip is very tall, hot and should be a model. she has a tan all year round and looks like she should be living on a Hawaiin island. many guys think pip is hot. Pip's are also gorgeous to be friends with.
1. pip has such fucking good legs!
2.my friend pip, wow she should be a model but she's too down to earth for that
3.she's sooo tanned and pretty i dont wanna stand next to her!
by hananania November 06, 2005
Short for "Cox Orange Pippen", a famous old English dessert apple. Parent of many modern varieties. Small to med. gold flushed orange and red, usually with some russeting, generally picked late September.
The Cox Orange Pippen makes excellent apple sauce.
by Benny T April 05, 2004