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make something acceptable:

to make something acceptable or pleasant in spite of its negative qualities or aspects

I know da bitch did u bad but nigga com'on redeem your self.
by abbe escoba July 09, 2006
66 22
To exchange for money or goods,like redeeming coupons at a local store.
" Hello sir , I am here to redeem my local coupons at this store for 50% off the toilet paper.
by The Definer1432 January 12, 2011
18 9
to take back whats yours, to create the best originals
"redeem your soul and snap that weak shiz apart"

"redeem- the most baddest art ever"
by residual December 13, 2009
14 9
Redeem is the international leader in the recovery, recycling, buying and supplying of used printer cartridges and mobile/cell phones.
Redeem - we buy - we sell - we collect
by Robbie B Parish May 18, 2007
10 16