when you open your soda can partly just enough for you to drink it but not enough for it to spill out
could you pip my pop for me? OR my pop is pipped.. etc
by hellojuliana1 May 27, 2007
the oppisite of a pimp
or just a geek
guy1: ur a pip
guy2: screw u
by hectorsgone September 05, 2006
shit, fuck, any other one word profanity that you can not express beacuse you are at work or some where else where that would be inappropriate.
Oh pip! I just fucked that program all up!
by Amanda_Tag August 30, 2005
Someone who has a very outdated and crappy computer, usually has an azn posse. Plays badminton as well, most likely bad at that.
This computer is almost Pip bad!
by Andrew Mackenzie April 03, 2005
A verb and onamotapia for male masterbation. This word stems off from fap, which also is a verb and onomatapia for male masturbation. Pipping is done weaker and faster than your normal fap. The word was created after too many people found out what fap meant.
Look at HER! pip pip pip
by Dylan March 24, 2005
Short for "Cox Orange Pippen", a famous old English dessert apple. Parent of many modern varieties. Small to med. gold flushed orange and red, usually with some russeting, generally picked late September.
The Cox Orange Pippen makes excellent apple sauce.
by Benny T April 05, 2004
An alcoholic, depressed, hopeless, reject of life that writes letters to his past.
Hey, did you hear that new Pip song, "Letter To My Past?"
by Robert Dinan December 09, 2003

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