SpongeBob's house.
If someone said "Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?", everyone in the world will respond.
by Fr3nch fr13s May 04, 2014
Spongebob's house under the sea
by N00B007 October 09, 2013
1. a fragmentation grenade of any other type of hand grenade(because the surface is similar to a pineapple)

2. a job seekers allowance(the word dole, refers to this and a brand of various fruits, such as pineapple)
The gangster tried to toss a pineapple into the police car but missed.
by The Return of Light Joker February 22, 2008
Stupid fuck face its a Fruit!!!
Suck my ass bitch...its a pineapple
by cgGirl August 14, 2015
a game that is triggered when a person is spotted who is unable to be identified as a male or a female. The person who spots the unidentifiable person says to his/her friend "pineapple" they then attempt to identify the gender of the spotted person. The word "pineapple" is a code word used so that the game can commence in close proximity of the unidentifiable person.
Pablo: "PINEAPPLE, look Jeff a pineapple"

Jeff: "I think that's a dude"

Pablo: "No way, look it's got tits"

Jeff: "But it also has a beard!"

Pablo: "it's also wearing a bra"

Jeff: "ohhh yeah it is wearing a bra, must be a chick......"
by MIN May 07, 2014
Single greatest fruit ever to exist solely for its natural chemical ability to make semen taste Uncharacteristically and magically delicious
When he blew his load in my mouth it tasted like a pineapple.
by Kellumjr January 10, 2014
a fruit that sponge bob lives in
Spongebob lives in a pineapples
by hat man 7 3 ret May 10, 2016
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