Pineapple: necessary safe word used if one is in danger of hitting a level of white-girl wasted. On a good night, one hopes to reach a fun level of “half pineapple,” but friends don’t let friends reach “full pineapple” without good reason (divorce party, hilarious break-up). If one is already drunk and in danger of doing shots they need to be “pineappled” by their friends and cut off immediately.
“Oh man, I am so hungover, why didn’t you pineapple me last night?”
“Mariah was so wasted she was dropping shots, she should’ve been pineappled way earlier in the night.”
“Yesterday was a great night, I maintained a solid level of half pineapple. So much fun, I remember everything.”
by Nojudgey July 14, 2014
A) Yes, We all know it's a fruit.
B) A code word used by collegiates (or anyone sharing a room) to notify his/her roommate that he/she is getting laid.

Verbally it is spoken to get the roommate out of the room to engage in sexual activity or Written on a sticky note and put on the door to

avoid a walk in.
A): If you are looking for the literal pineapple fruit, you shouldn't be on here.
B): Joe put a sticky note with "Pineapples" written on it so his roommate wouldn't walk in on him banging Jen.

Joe: I need the room tonight.

Tim: Why?

Joe: Pineapples.

Tim: Ah. The room's yours.
by Delta_Menace September 22, 2013
said when one answers the phone mid-sexual activity, signals the person calling to call back in an hour.
Son of a bitch, Mike went to his girlfriend's house so when i called to find out where he was, he pineapple'd me
by The Reverend Sychnine Twitch December 14, 2008
One word phrase most knowingly used by the comedian/actor Kevin Hart. Used when a person feels a situation they are in is awkward or inappropriate and feels very uncomfortable. Out of their comfort zone. When a person is sharing information that you just dont want to hear or needed to know.
This chick I went out with last night ended up being a dude!!
Oh my god, pineapples!!!
by Research=ProvenFacts June 21, 2014
The term used to define gayer than gay. The name derives from the pineapple dance studios. One would not be simply known as a gay, but a pineapple. The actions of a pineapple are beyond gay that even a standard homosexual would appear straight to the raging pineapple!
You are acting like a pineapple my dear friend.

Stop acting like a pineapple; you're making the gays look straight.
by IceSculpturer September 05, 2014
What Spongebob lives in
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
by nilethe146 August 28, 2014
Another word for a genderless person, like he or she.
My name is (insert name here) and I am a proud pineapple.
I think I'm only attracted to pineapples now, dude..
by TrippleM July 04, 2013

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