a white guy with suspenders, hair combed to the side, glasses with tape in the middle, wears high shorts, long white socks, sandals, and a old button-up shirt
Bill Gates is one helluva pimp
by jakrel June 23, 2005
a guy who wears a leisure suit to school on decades day and does the crip walk thinkin hes all that but hes really just a fag ass wanna-be that everyone wants to beat up.

a guy who plays for girls but in all reality, he only has one girl and cant get any more than one (even if he tries.)
your sucha pimp ass mamas boy. stop trying so hard to get a girl, biach!
Put it In My Pocket
"U got my money ho!?!?
Well, Put it In My Pocket bitch.
Now get back on the stroll"
by Loc- O June 21, 2004
Originaly this word was used to define men who sold and abused women. Now stupid people, rappers and wanna be's alike use it as an expression of the state of goodness
"yo dawg that ride is pimp"
by Logan M May 06, 2004
1. A male version of a slut.

2. One who plays women for sexual acts or profits.

3. A "man whore".

4. Clueless idiots, thinking they can play woman. While everybody knows that they will probably die at the age of 30 or end up to be a wash up bum. Rumor has that their genital will also be shiveled up and shorten, due to all of the intercourse they've had.

5. PIMP = Pee-In-My-Pants
So you're a pimp dude? Is your dick shrivelled yet?
by nnguyen11490 November 27, 2003
The one who gets the money/jewellery gold etc.. from a prostitute. This is why he is always rich and his shiny clothes and gold jewellery.
Pimps are and should only be black.
by Cool Guy June 26, 2003
Someone cool who gets bitches to do work for him and gets money out of it
Stupid people like: drifts13, MC Ren, thomas, Kory, star8706 and chaos1230 are NOT pimps.
by Skylark I'liace June 05, 2003

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