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Two definitions:

A) A person who frustratingly attempts to win by all means at tabletop role-playing games.

B) A person who seeks to accomplish everything possible within a videogame - meet all secret goals, get every item, unlock every secret, etc.
A) "Last I heard, he had given himself a man-sized sword. What a powergamer."

B) "You bought and upgraded every 200 cars in that game? Man, you're a powergamer."
by Shurikane January 28, 2005
(noun or verb) To use something excessively.
"This guy's a railgun wh0re."

"This forum is wh0ring all my bandwidth!"
by Shurikane February 09, 2004
IT/electronics - Said of an appliance or software that behaves in sudden and unpredictable ways.
Joe spilled coffee on his computer last week. It's been doing freegames ever since.
by Shurikane January 12, 2011
(Verb) Often used on the Internet, meaning "to advertise or showcase on discussion forums".
"I finished writing up my story. Time to go pimp it on the boards!"
by Shurikane February 12, 2004
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