He jus walks up 2 em and say "baby let's sex"


May I sex you?
by Nova Usagi November 28, 2003
cool, sweet, something that is really great
My new car is so pimp!
by SavageBitch May 03, 2003
In a

Someone (mostly males) who has prostitutes working for him, making him money. Sometimes this is voluntary, but mostly forced.
1: What's your job?
2: I'm a PIMP
1: What's that?
2: A player in a management position
by termintation August 22, 2008
A profession that isn't easy because it requires marketing, accounting, management, and collection duties beyond what most people are capable of.
That pimp no only got his money but prefected his buisness skills.
by P. Kaltenbach April 29, 2008
N. Often used to describe someone who employs prostitutes, or hookers, or bitches.The Pimp will recieve a hefty portion of his bitch's earnings due to the fact he markets her, protects her, and has to put up with her trick-ass-bitch shit. According to legendary Pimp, Archbishop Don Magic Juan, a pimp is a "Player Into Making Progress." What does this mean?/ It means back in the day Pimps got paid, however money was made: Drug dealing, car stealing, breaking and entering, bitch-slapping, thuggin, buggin, mean-muggin, and shoulder shruggin! A true pimp is someone that knows how to get theirs, and don't mind tellin you about it! Also, a pimp knows how to back-hand, with a dip, and split a bitch's lip.
You can be a pimp, without having to go jail for solicting of prostitution. Chuuuuch!!
by BreezeZilla August 21, 2007
Someone who is with a lot of people and can basically get anyone they want to sleep with them.
My friend Kate is the female version of a pimp. ALL of the guys want her.
by Humpty Kdizzle Dumpty III November 20, 2005
1)a player 2)a person who ownes hooker 3)someone who gets lots of girls 4)describing something that is kool 5)someone skilled in the art of gettin ass
1)harris w is a pimp 3)harris w is a pimp 4)harris w is pimp 5) harris is still a pimp
by urlilsecret October 14, 2005

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