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A large dump placed in a public urinal for everyone to see.
"I walked into the toilets at the Drillers game and, in the urinal next to me, someone had left a big fat showcase for every baseball to see."
by Steven O. June 21, 2006
sexual climax, orgasm, "show yourself"
Dude, that girl could barely make me showcase. Good technique though.
by shwcsruhnf April 03, 2011
Three or more children belonging to an unwed and single mother that is sexual active.
Damn man, that bitch has three kids and no man, she's got a showcase of kids up in her pad.
by vanyort September 04, 2008
The final round of The Price Is Right; it involves two players who have won the Showcase Showdown. The player who has won the most money out of the two is the Top Winner; the player who has won the least money out of the two is the Runner-Up. The object is to come as close as you can to the actual retail price--WITHOUT GOING OVER. The Top Winner has the privilege to bid on the first Showcase or force the Runner-Up to bid on it; this is called passing. If a player overbids, he/she is automatically disqualified (but they keep the prizes won before the round), as an overbid cannot win. If a player wins, and he/she is $250 or less ($500 if a Million Dollar Spectacular) away from the actual retail price, he/she will win BOTH Showcases (and $1,000,000 if a Million Dollar Spectacular)! If both players are over, it is called a double overbid; in other words, nobody wins. A good strategy if a player thinks his/her opponent overbid is bidding $1.
"Actual retail price..." Drew Carey announced to the top winner before revealing the good news in the Showcase.
by WM86 January 13, 2009
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