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the act of "beating up the pussy" with the penis and/or the cunt hooks to the point that the piss fenders are turned inside out.
Scott: "Hey Barry, did you know that when I was in college during the better part of the 80's I pillaged my through 2 sororitites and a midget?"

Barry: "What about that tard?"
by backdatassup24 November 04, 2010
To steal and ransack in a very pirately fashion.
YARR, I'll be pillaging yer ass 'for the day is out, I will!
by RoboSpy March 23, 2004
When you have to take 3 or more different kinds of pills.
My grandparents spend a half an hour every morning consuming their prescription pillage!
by Little Amy June 08, 2006
The act of stealing as much as you can carry/want, then burning down/destroying the place you got it from.

Usually done by pirates or other raiders in small villages, although robbing a house then torching it is a time-honored tradition.
"Yarr, avast ye. I'll pillage your village!"

"Marco and Charlie were just going to rob the place, but it ended in a full-blown pillage."
by Shadow_XII May 05, 2006
to burn/kill and or destroy
i want to pillage my teachers car
by A July 25, 2004
super fantastc fancy wonderful!!!!!!
it was so pillage when i saw mrs garcia fall down!!
by georgeeee December 11, 2003
to do something with excessive force
Example A: "Oh man, this test is totally going to pillage me."

Example B: "I am going to pillage your mom so hard tonight!"

Example C: "Tiger Woods can pillage as many girls as he wants!"
by PillageKing December 12, 2009