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The ultimate midsize Irish designer dog. Kicks Irish Setter ass! Started by Ozzie Nelson (the vet) by artificially inseminating a female Irish Wolfhound with the sperm from a male Irish Terrier. They are 50-70 pounds, smart, athletic, and are extremely friendly, but, if anyone messes with you, they have a great instinct for single leg takedowns, by grabbing the shoes or pantlegs, followed by covering the fallen attacker's eyes with their mouth. Usually followed by attacker pissing their pants. Fast, effective, mark free submissions!
Last month, my Irish Wolf Terrier caught a rabbit, and brought it to me by the scruff of its neck -- unharmed. Last week, he laid on top of a Pit Bull's back, and held it by covering its eyes from above & behind. The Pit Bull had gotten in our yard and had treed my cat.
by Little Amy June 10, 2006
18 or 19 year old. The ultimate age! I am BOTH a teenager, AND an adult!
Our church has an Adulteen group, we do lots of fun things on Saturdays.
by Little Amy June 10, 2006
A big red zit with a big white tip. Squeezing causes a massive & violent eruption of ketchup & mayo.
Mark was going to ground and pound poor Danny Dork, but, Danny Dork squoze the ketchup & mayo volcano that was on his own forehead and shot the zit-based condiments into Mark's eye and mouth causing Mark to instantly scream and run to the boy's bathroom.

I guess Danny Dork won that fight. Now no one fucks with him. Zit Man!
by Little Amy June 10, 2006
Rice = a solid pore plug (blackhead or whitehead). Trophy rice is rice that is left on the bathroom mirror by its former owner, as if displaying a trophy for everyone else to see and oggle over.
I hate having Pizza Face as a roomy. He always leaves trophy rice and face yogurt on the bathroom mirror. Gross!
by Little Amy June 10, 2006
A woman with an extremely furry bush, based on the college limerick:
cunt quite hairy
how do your pubies grow!
by Little Amy June 08, 2006
(1) volcano johnson = A super extreme cum blast and/or a man known to deliver such.

(2) Volcano Johnson. In the "Champs!" episode of the A-Team, a cover alias for B A Barracus (Mr. T) who plays the part of a boxer, even entering the ring for a professional bout. Therefore, a boxer.
FOXY CHICK: Look at that, Sharin'! He's lookin' fine!

SHARIN' COCKS: Yeah. He's a Volcano Johnson.

FOXY CHICK: He's a boxer? That makes sense. Boxers have great bodies.

SHARIN' COCKS: No, he's not a boxer, but, we fucked last year, and he came so hard I had cum cummin out of my ears!

by Little Amy June 09, 2006
When a woman (or man?) is penetrated by 2 cocks at once.
Joe did the cockatwo with Jerry and Larry.
by Little Amy June 09, 2006
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