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When you are fucking a girl and about to blow your load, you punch her in each cheek. Creating the the two red circles on pikachu's face. Following you yell pikachu and grab a fork and stick it into an outline, while simultaneously blowing your load into the girl as you shock her.
I was fucking this bitching and pikachued her, she didn't see it cuming.
by Duchaine July 25, 2014
The infamous beast that destroyed our Pokefan reputation.
Thanks to Pikachu, I can no longer play Pokemon Yellow in public.
by Alias Undercover April 02, 2009
1.(n)Pi-ka-chu A small hairy rat with a yellow tail and a weak bone structure from not drinking enough milk therefore not getting enough calcium.

2.(adj) electrically charged
3. (n) A type of rain that has been hit by lightning
1.The Pikachu only ate oreos and gummi worms
2.The Pikachu ballon caused the school to burn down from a fire started from strong electricity
3. The pikachu fell on the telephone wires causing a power outage
by Richard Jenkins Oxford February 22, 2007
Although Pikachu is also known as one of the most popular Pokemon, it is now commonly used as a verb to indicate when one must go #2.
Hurry up and get out of the bathroom, I have to pikachu!

Did you pikachu yet today?
by chumasta June 02, 2010
A Japanese person.(Pikachu is a popular cartoon character created in Japan)

The term comes from the television show Heroes where the character Hiro Nakamura is called "Pikachu" by several other characters.
Look, it's a Pikachu!
by BoomCrusader January 22, 2009
That one fat yellow mouse from Pokemon that not only ruined MY childhood, but ruined the childhoods of kids around the world
by VibeyTheVibrator January 03, 2009
a sexually transmitted disease that makes your balls fall of, grow legs and kick you really hard in the shins.
"I've got pikachu"

"So that's why you're shins are all bruised"
by arnold/ dwayne August 27, 2008