Epic yellow object made from Chuck Norris's guts and Charlie Sheen's blood. A living Tesla Coil. If his lightning was projected in real life, it would be around a hundred million volts, and a few hundred amps. AKA Deadly but awesome. Pikachu hates going into Pokeballs, and controls children's minds through it's total epicness. A male pikachu has a pointy tail, and a female has a heart. Pikachu is the god of adorable, fluffy things and is an apprentice for the god of high voltage, Nikola Tesla. Pikachu might cause seizures when zapping missiles though. Other than that, a tame one is extremely cuddly. Pikachu lost a lot of weight from the first season to now. That doesn't mean he's any less adorable and cute!
Today's kids will never know why Pikachu is always out of its pokeball... Pikachu, Plusle, Minun, Pachirisu, and Emolga are all related, according to Bulbapedia. Also, you can tell by looking at them. They all have circles on their faces, and they are all tiny, and they are all cute as fuck.

Joke: What is an electric Pokemon's capacitance measured in?

*Pika, pico meaning 10^-12, geddit?*
by Fractal-Pterodactyl December 10, 2011
Pikachu is the word used for something that makes someone Jizz, say if you have seen someone hot/sexy.
see that guy? He just made me Pikachu
by ANNNNNAARRR November 19, 2010
A virus wich turns your urine into a living creature
When I urinated a Pikachu formed.
by Pokepoo November 12, 2008
a beautiful or special persons vagina that doesen't smell or reak of skankness!
That girl's pikachu must be made of gold.
by supercalikaty September 22, 2008
A funny nickname for a vagina, such as coochy.
"you betta keep your hands to yo self, and stop gettin all up in my pikachu!"
by Clairee. February 11, 2008
When you are fucking a girl and about to blow your load, you punch her in each cheek. Creating the the two red circles on pikachu's face. Following you yell pikachu and grab a fork and stick it into an outlet, while simultaneously blowing your load into the girl as you shock her. It shocks her in two ways!
I was fucking this bitching and pikachued her, she didn't see it cuming.
by Duchaine July 25, 2014
When a woman shoves a tazer gun up her vagina and then fires it with her vaginal muscles at her partner(dude or girl) and yells "pikaa pikaa"
Dude that girl just Pikachued me!
by I Pooped Today May 22, 2014

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