a fat ass mouse that takes steroids so much that electricity comes from their cheeks also they can run really fast
pikachu cant go to the Olympics
by david losada April 09, 2008
Pikachu is the word used for something that makes someone Jizz, say if you have seen someone hot/sexy.
see that guy? He just made me Pikachu
by ANNNNNAARRR November 19, 2010
A cute and cuddly yellow mouse from Pokemon
Pikachu can use moves like Electroball and Thunderbolt.
by momoe7725 May 27, 2015
The act of tazing your sexual partner right before she has an orgasm.
I've always wanted to give my girl a pikachu but I don't own a tazer
by professor_kickass March 12, 2015
1. The mouse-like Pokémon. The yellow creature is Electric type. The electric comes from the red pouches on it's cheeks.

2. A slang term for vagina. Use mainly on TV (adult swim mainly) and Internet.
1. "Gotcha! Pikachu was caught!"
2. I gotta get a look at that girls Pikachu, if ya'll know what I mean.
by Bepepepepep March 08, 2015
A virus wich turns your urine into a living creature
When I urinated a Pikachu formed.
by Pokepoo November 12, 2008
a beautiful or special persons vagina that doesen't smell or reak of skankness!
That girl's pikachu must be made of gold.
by supercalikaty September 22, 2008

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