A cute, adorable, lovable creature from the game 'Pokemon.' It uses electricity to make it's enemys, (that's you,) suffer.
(The anime sucks; don't watch it.)
Pikachu: Go Ash! *Throws humuball*
Ash: *Squawk squawk*
Pikachu: Shutup. *Zaps Ash*
Ash: Waah! Waah! *dies*
Pikachu: Yay. :D
by Pikachulover86 October 10, 2005
A hairy yellow rat who caused many Japanese Children to suffer blurred vision, headaches, dizziness, nausea, seizures, blindness, convulsions and lost consciousness. More than 100 children died that day.
"I will never forgive that Pikachu.. who took away my son's life.."
by ry-spirit December 04, 2008
A small yellow rodent, it's penis is located on it's ass. It is stored in it's trainer's pokeballs, which are located near his belt. The expression is also used as a way to show gratitude towards someone.
Balls Mcgee: Why did the pokemon trainer hide under your bed?

10-year old boy: I dunno, why?

Balls Mcgee: So he could pikachu(rape)in the night!

10-year old boy: ......
by Pokemon-Slayer June 14, 2008
A fat lump of electrified yellow shit who features in Pokemon, a japanese anime cartoon adventure featuring a gay kid named ash and about 250 freakishly happy gay animals.
"Go Pikachu" you fat tub o shit!
by Peter Taylor-Fitch April 18, 2006
Pikachu is a yellow piece of shit who brainwashes young children and rapes them in their bad he seems to like going after the nigger population (i'm black) and treats them like slaves with his homo friend ash katchadick they make an ugly team and brainwash the children of the world sadly the producer of pokemon is a heroin addict and infected all the world with this shit gladly ever1 in the world is out to kill him he also produced pokemon porn what a fucking loser pikachu is
Tommy: Oh look it's pikachu let's murder him

Sammy: ** Takes 2 knives and slaughters him? or her?**
by Murderer01 January 26, 2007
The worst mistake that Nintendo created.
A yellow rat from Pokemon who is loved by the same kids who watch Dragonball Z.
Hey you, Pikachu! I really want to murder you.
by AYB February 24, 2003
a hair that is visibly seen from the nose
get the trimmer cuz we need to clip that pikachu
by josa October 12, 2005

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