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Pika = Electric
Chu = Mouse

1. Pikachu is an electric mouse found in the games, tv show, and movies of Pokemon.

2. The very reason why the show Pokemon shouldn't be aired anymore, in english... edited... Because the show has been KIDDYORIZED to attract small children, instead of the intended audiences of Early teens.
I really hate that Pikachu.
Pikachu, GO!
Oh yes Pikachu, harder!
That damn Pikachu shocked the hell out of me!
by IceSage March 28, 2003
1. To completely turn something good, and perhaps even maybe tasteful, into something now commonly viewed intended for children.

2. To completely EDIT a peice of media is that people with the intelligence of a child can understand.
They really KIDDYORIZED pokemon!
They completely KIDDYORIZED Tenchi-Muyo
They completely KIDDYORIZED all anime that's now viewed on Cartoon Network, or any American pubic TV channel.
by IceSage March 28, 2003
An evil power-hungry temptress who roams the caverns of #gamemaker
Oh no! Treesock is here! Run!
by IceSage March 24, 2003
1) Noun A mighty deity who is the sage of all ice. IceSage is neither male nor female, neither good nor evil. IceSage controls winter and calls upon it at will when needed. IceSage is also the moral deity of all life.
Praise IceSage, the moral deity of all ice!!
by IceSage March 24, 2003
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