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A sexual position in which the woman (or man) is being fucked from behind, and just before the man cums he pulls out a tazer and electrocutes her back.

Can be enhanced by screaming "PIKAAAAAA!"
I gave Sandra The Pikachu last night.

Oh yeah, how'd it work out?

She called the cops and is suing me for rape.
#pokemon #pikachu #tazer #sex #doggy style
by squishypillow June 14, 2011
A sexual act where a man fucking a woman (or a man) sticks a metal rod in his ass outside during a lightning storm and awaits a lightning bolt to strike the pole giving a major orgasm to both of the people having sex
I tried The pikachu on Sarah last night and it was THE BEST sex I ever had but Sarah is still unconscious so...
#pikachu #pikkachu #teh pikachu #the pikachu #electric orgasm
by Dothejohnwall January 06, 2015
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